Computational Thinking Test for Beginners: Design and Content Validation

2020-06-25 | book-chapter DOI: María Zapata-Cáceres, Estefanía Martín-Barroso, Marcos Román-González Abstract Computational Thinking (CT) is a fundamental skill that is not only confined to computer scientists’ activities but can be widely applied in daily life and is required in order to adapt to the future and, therefore, should be taught Sigue leyendo

Distinguishing Aging Clusters and Mobile Devices by Hand-Wrist Articulation: A Case of Study

2019-05-10 | book-chapter DOI: Daniel Palacios-Alonso, Carlos Lázaro-Carrascosa, Raquel Mas-García, José Manuel Ferrández-Vicente, Andrés Gómez-Rodellar, Pedro Gómez-Vilda Abstract Nowadays, video games are not considered only mere hobbies. The use of these tools is increased in last years. On the other hand, gamification and usability techniques have empowered the improvement Sigue leyendo