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Kinect GameProg is Java stand along application for learning Java that allows interaction with Kinect. It covers a basic introduction to programming course, namely: 1- Basic elements, 2- Structured instructions, 3-subprogramming, 4- Recursion, 5- Arrays & 6 – Files. It has three types of games with many scenarios on each one of them. The first one is ‘Theoretical labyrinth’, a game where the avatar explains to you different concepts and before playing, then you plau and get going by answering questions. The second one is a metaphor of the game ‘Who wants to be a (Millionaire) Programmer’, where you have to answer the questions to get it. Finally, there is the ‘Tree of primitives game’, where the user has to get the bigger number of fruits that answers the proposed question. In all of them student can answer by saying it out loud or with your hands thanks to kinect or with the mouse.

KinectProg: menus (top), Teorethical Labyrinth (left), Who Wants to be a Programmer (centre), Tree of Primitives (right)

Contact person:

Raquel Hijón Neira,