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AlgorEx stands for “ALGorithms, EXperimentation with”. AlgorEx is an experimentation system that allows running and benchmarking alternative user-defined algorithms for the same problem. Benchmarking can be made with respect to optimality or run-time, and the results are compared by means of tables and diagrams.

GreedEx stands for “GREEDy algorithms, EXperimentation with”. GreedEx is an interactive sistem intended to assist in the active learning of greedy algorithms. It is similar to AlgorEx, but restricted to experimenting with the optimality of different selection functions for several optimization problems. Currently, GreedEx supports six problems: the activity selection problem and five knapsack problems, including the fractional knapsack and the 0/1 knapsack problems. A version of GreedEx (called GreedExCol) that supports collaborative discussion also was developed.

Both tools are Java stand-alone applications. AlgorEx works for JDK versions 7 or higher. GreedEx requires to have installed JDK version 1.5 or higher.

Captura de la herramienta GreedEx

Contact person:

J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide, angel.velazquez@urjc.es